PNYX is a free weekly publication focused on current affairs in architecture and the city published at the Architectural Association. It is edited by Adolfo Del Valle and Oskar Johanson (@merixtell_noon).

PNYX takes its name from the hillside amphitheatre in Athens where the ekklesia (legislative assembly) of Athens would meet to consider recent proposals made by the Council in the Agora. A large, open–air meeting ground for debate between citizens, the Pnyx maintained a view of both the Agora in the city proper and the Acropolis, the site from which Athenian monarchs had ruled the city before the advent of democracy.

In the same spirit PNYX looks to keep an eye on both our historical precedents and the future of the discipline, working according a tripartite mission of commentary, research, and review.

As a platform for debate, PNYX is a pluralistic, covalent enterprise. As editors we want to corral as many articulate speakers into that debate as possible (as the original Pnyx literally herded citizens from the Agora to the hillside with a rope wet with red paint). As such PNYX maintains an open call for submissions, complaints, threats of libel, and general critique. Everyone has a position. We invite you to declare yours.

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